Gently Crafted & Polished Watch Winder

The first watch winder designed by Allen Hsieh. As a seriously passionate collector, he loves each one of his mechanical wrist machines. However unlike some other collectors, the brain of Allen hides an inventor and creator. Instead of going for one of the existing watch winders, he wanted to make something of his own that nobody else had the courage to make.

When Allen Hsieh got his first MB&F machine, the HM3, he absolutely loved it and tried several watch winders to pair with it. After dissatisfied with all the normal ones, he decided to design and build a unique watch winder by himself. The Dream was made from aluminum alloy with CNC machining. For the accuracy of each part, it took hundreds of hours to make this unique watch winder. 


Width: 100cm / Depth: 30cm / Height:50cm
Material: Aluminum alloy & Acrylic
Piece Unique