Elegant Shape with a Simple Game of Probability

The latest design of Allen Hsieh watch winder creations. It does have an elegant ‘egg’ shape, and the explanation of the part ‘lucky’ is you didn’t have to choose the watch to wear, a colorful rubber ball would make that decision for you. Lucky Egg is truly an art piece for the passionate collectors.

Apart from being a watch winder it also plays a simple game of probability with you – as one out of five slots to be picked by a rubber ball after it’s thrown into the hole on top of the winder, and goes through a little magnetic maze and ends up at one of the 5 watches.

You can also try your luck with the LED lights above each of the winders, to activate a little game that in the end only one light remains, chosen at random. Each Lucky Egg has a limited edition plaque on the bottom side, and there are 28 units being produced.


Width: 65cm / Depth: 90cm / Height:55cm
Material: FRP & Steel piece
Limited to 28 units